Urban models are usually delusional about being two things: a perfect 10 and an actress. So we offer them this 5-3 reality check.

Creamy always rises to the top of the flooded Eye Candy jar. The most recent diabetic threat is 23-year-old Ms. Cat, a scrumptious solution to an all-natural equation of 34DD-24-40. With a background in theater, the suitable star has already landed major videos (catch her busty strut in Fabolous’s “My Time”) and movie roles (Conspiracy X, starring Mos Def and Kellita Smith [The Bernice Mac Show], and One Blood, starring Clifton Powell and Antwon Tanner). Since the Aquarius is so fluid, XXL decided to shoot her Philadelphia cream cheese in Brooklyn, followed by conversations at Flatbush Avenue’s staple barbershop, Dr. Kuts. Check out Ms. Cat’s meow.— By Bonsu Thompson

Over the last year, you’ve been quite busy. What have those who are getting introduced to you missed out on?

They missed out on my Straight Stuntin cover, two Fab videos and a Pleasure P video, “Under.” Now I have a T.I. video coming out soon and two upcoming movies. In One Blood, I play Antwon [Tanner]’s wife. Actually, I play a wife in both movies.

Interesting that you play wifey in both flicks. You seem more go-getter than domestic. Will your Mr. Right need to be a Mr. Mom?

Most definitely. I’m more like, “You get the kids dressed, ’cause we might be flying to Costa Rica.” I mean,
I can cook my ass off, clean, all of the above. I’m super domestic, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

What’s sexiest about you?

Sexiest part of me is my personality. I’m fun. I’m always upbeat and happy, and when I’m not, you’ll never see it. I’ll just go eat a burger and get over it. [Laughs] Seriously, I’m about good karma and positive energy. Nobody has time to be upset. Especially when you have double D’s.

Did you just stunt on your competition a little bit?

[Laughs] Just a little bit.

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