On "4PM in Calabasas," Drake raps a line of advice his dad Dennis Graham once gave him saying, "Mike never tried to rap like Pac, Pac never tried to sing like Mike' / Those my dad's words to me when I asked him how to make it in life." The piece of wisdom takes the adage of shooting for the stars and presents it in a more meaningful musical context. One has to wonder though, if Drake has offered any return advice as his father embarks on his own musical career, with TMZ premiering his first video release at some point this week.

"I want all my family and friends to check out my single and video which will be debuting on TMZ tomorrow it's here @applemusic thanks to everyone who made it possible," Graham wrote on Instagram Tuesday (Aug. 9). The celebrity news site has posted a preview clip of the song which is titled "Kinda Crazy." A full version of the song from 2015 can be heard below.

Graham as well posted a photo of himself with Jamie Iovine, son of Jimmy Iovine, who is a producer and CRO at Meltdown Comics, writing, "My Brother right here believed in." A full album from Graham is expected to follow the release of "Kinda Crazy," with Drake and Jamie Iovine reportedly supporting the project. Listen to a snippet from the lead single above, which looks to have an accompanying video complete with a smoke-filled throne room and dancing video girls.

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