OG Maco is at the center of a rumor that has the internet buzzing. There's a thread over on Reddit asking if the rapper has AIDS or is HIV positive. The speculation stems from an audio-only video titled "Possibly OG Maco admitting he's dying?" which appeared on YouTube Tuesday (Dec. 23).

There is no confirmation that the man speaking in the video is Maco, though the voice does sound similar to what's heard in his music. In the video, the male voice can be heard saying, "I'm dying, slow," and repeatedly coughing. While there is no explicit mention of HIV or AIDS, the male voice does reference prison, and the thought over on Reddit is that Maco may have infected two other people, what would be considered a serious crime.

"They are not going to give me shit. You can not send me medicine in a jail. You are not a doctor," the voice says, pleading with a female voice to "be strong for me when I’m weak."

The woman in the audio insists that the man should go to the hospital, but he fears a visit will send him to prison. "I’m not going to die in the next four days but if I don’t have any medicine in a month and a half, I don’t know," he states.

Towards the end of the nine-minute call, which was anonymously leaked, the male voice says, "I’m sorry I just wasn’t good enough for you. I wasn’t smart enough or respected enough for you to listen to me. But I’m going to write my will as soon as I get back home because I do not know how long I have left in real life. And I’m only telling you because you are the person I trust most in the world. And I apologize that bothers you so fucking much."

The only real link to the "U Guessed It" rhymer is that the female repeatedly calls the man on the other end of the conversation Ben. While Maco's real name is Maco Mattox, if you let the internet tell it, there is reason to believe that Ben is either a nickname or a moniker he used in the past.

XXL has reached out to OG Maco's team for comment and will update this story as news becomes available.

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