DMX can't catch a break anymore. Days after going on the Dr. Phil Show—the episode of which has yet to airto try and spin some headlines his way, new documents filed in his bankruptcy case that erupted at the end of July show his finances to be in more dire shape than imagined.

According to the documents as reported by the Wall Street Journal, X has $50—fifty dollars—to his name at the moment, and his expenses are larger than any income he has rolling in at the moment, in addition to the previously reported $1.24 million he owes in child support. The paper also reports that DMX owes nearly another combined million in a mortgage in Mount Kisco, NY and to unsecured creditors.

Reportedly, his monthly income is a flat $5,000, which wouldn't be that big of a deal if his monthly expenses weren't estimated to be $5,221. That and the millions in debt. And with X further claiming he has no assets—jewelry, cars, electronics, clothes—it leaves him in a bad spot.

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