One week after a judge declared DMX would be allowed to break his house arrest to go to rehab, the rapper has decided to take the judge up on their offer. TMZ reports X has now checked himself into a rehab center in New England.

"House arrest wasn't working for me, so I made the decision to do something positive and better for myself," X tells the celebrity gossip site. Apparently, he's also allowed to travel without his GPS ankle monitor.

This development marks a positive entry into what's been a troubling last few months for the rapper. Back in July, X was hit with tax evasion charges of $1.7 million. After spending a night in jail, he was sentenced to house arrest after failing four drug tests.

Now, X's manager Pat Gallo tells TMZ the rap legend is making "great progress" while working with his recovery coach, Joseph Griffin. As part of his treatment, he and his rehab group recently took a community outreach trip to a firehouse. X even had a cool picture of himself taken in front of a fire truck.

As we learned when X freestyled about his tax problems just outside of a courtroom, the Ruff Ryder won't let anything stop him from rapping. He tells TMZ he's been working on some new music during his treatment. "My pen is still to the paper and I'm in Beast Mode," he says.

X may still be in some serious legal trouble, but it's great to see he's getting the help he needs.

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