The concern around DMX and his wellness is growing more rapidly, as the veteran rapper has reportedly cancelled some upcoming tour dates. According to TMZ, the Yonkers native has pulled the plug on his recent concert in Santa Ana, Calif. for Tuesday night (April 25) due to a "medical emergency," while his Wednesday (April 26) show in Los Angeles, as well as his Thursday (April 27) concert in San Diego, have been postponed for the same reasons.

The site doesn't state what the medical emergency specifically pertains to, but sources claim several people in the "X Gonna Give It To Ya" MC's circle have allegedly been concerned about his health for the past week. The news of his tour date cancellations comes on the heels of his shaky Ruff Ryders reunion show set, where fans and attendees shared their concern for the rapper's well-being on social media. DMX was said to be ranting and mumbling throughout his set, which raised skepticism regarding his health.

Many fans have been speculating whether he is suffering from any substance abuse, while TMZ states the rapper was seen drinking heavily throughout the evening before taking the stage. The rapper's inner circle is allegedly worried he may have had a relapse in the past week, but hopefully he is taking care of himself and his health in the time being, as he has had a history of medical issues in the past.

We will keep DMX in our prayers through this medical emergency, and hope to see him back in his element soon.

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