Since dropping this mixtape last week a slew of heads have been asking the same exact question: Why is Memphis Bleek still rapping? Some say it’s because he’s about to let loose on The Game for all those “Fuck Jay-Z” rants. Others feel that it’s for that groupie love. Then heads like me feel that he’s still working the booth to get his Get Low imprint off the ground and into the stars. And listening to this mixtape I was convinced that I was right. The once high octane rapper who would spit threatening rhymes over bass heavy production is now getting on his southern smoke shit with “Bitch We Get Low” and “City Lights.” I swear his southern style makes Gucci Mane sound like Kool G Rap.

It’s not just his weak southern impression that brought down his music, his flow and overall rhymes got lazy. With a nonchalant demeanor and slow as Molasses—but not as sweet—flow he rhymed, “For the money I be on it/you can find me early mornin’/on the corner serving fiends smoking on that mean ol’ marijuana/and you know I run the game/you niggas out here playin’/if it ain’t about the change what could you be sayin’? I don’t understand empty hands/I can give you 60 grams – of that fish/hit the strip, that’ll be the plan,” on “Money.” And those were the kind of rhymes and conduct that is featured on this mixtape. A very far cry from his “Comin’ Of Age” and “Ball till I fall” days.

Obviously Bleek is trying to expand his audience past the boarders of Brooklyn and New York City overall. But this new sound he’s trying to reinvent himself with just didn’t fit him. That slow flow crunk sound has come and gone for the most part. In my opinion Bleek should’ve just kept true to his roots and came with that hard sound that had Nas and Blinky Blink mad at his ass. I know he didn’t exactly rack up the platinum plaques at the time, but at least it had the hood riding with him. Well, at least Brooklyn was. Now with joints like “Plenty Money” and “Hood Bitch” who knows which hood in which region is gonna back Bleek’s music.—The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “No I’m For My Fam”

Weakest Joint: Take your pic…


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