You remember when DJ Skee went on a tirade about why Radio sucks? It was mainly because he believed it grew to be generic and deficient in many vital areas. The fact that it didn't tap into the digital market irked him and many others. Now, Skee's dream may be coming true. A new company and service called DASH Radio will now take part in reinventing how the public views radio.

“Radio is one element that hasn’t gone digital yet. People are dissatisfied with it, and we’re trying to bring that magic back,” he said in to

DASH Radio will start with 50 stations, and increase in a matter of weeks. Dash have enlisted several savvy business savants including L.A. Reid, Mike Lazerow, and Matt Michelson to help ensure the best listening experience possible for the general public. The new app is free and ad-free, which will surely lure many people in. In addition, some of the stations that will be featured include SKEE24/7, East Village Radio, VP Records, and, of course XXL.

DASH XXL will include 24 hours of new and current hip-hop. We will also schedule and produce live shows. It's a win-win for everybody.

The newly developed DASH Radio is available on iOS, Android and in your web browser at