Hip-hop pioneers DJ Kool Herc, Marley Marl and The Zulu Nation along with others are banning together for a month-long event called the 31 Days of Non Stop Hip-Hop. The Queens Library project will run during the month of May allowing fans to meet the some of hip-hop’s founding fathers as well as learn more about the art form.

The Festival will be broken into a series of different events, showcasing the history of hip-hop music, fashion and dance. In addition the library has also created an archive entitled Hip-Hop Elements to document the culture’s history in Queens.

“We want to capture and archive the heritage of hip-hop for future generations as part of the history of music and our collective culture,” said library spokesperson Joanne King.

The library would like for borough residents to get involved with the event by sharing photos, news clips and memorabilia to be placed in the archive.

The festival kicks off May 1 in Jamaica Queens with Kool Herc and Marley Marl. The two will appear at the Teen Center as part of the “History Of Hip Hop” event.

For more on the 31 Days of Non Stop Hip-Hop and its schedule click here.—Chris M. Garner 

[via DNA Info]