Fresh off seeing his 2016 single "Ultimate" earn a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Denzel Curry has unveiled a video for the track's Juicy J-assisted remix.

The new video finds Curry living out his anime fantasy as he flaunts a variety of super powers and crushes a car. If you've watched any Dragon Ball Z episode ever, the levitating bits of ground and glowing eyes will definitely look pretty familiar. He also showcases some telekineses.

For his part of the visual, Juicy phones in to a FaceTime session with Curry, who's been powering up the whole time. It feels pretty safe to say the Carol City, Fla. rapper had fun shooting the new video.

Adding on to positive vibes, Curry has also recently come out with a brand new track. This one's called "Sumo," and it was produced by Charlie Heat. With its raging instrumental and the ferocity of Curry's accompanying flow, it's definitely a slapper.

It's good to see Curry unloading some new material, because just a couple weeks ago, he uploaded a somber Instagram post that made it look as if he'd be leaving rap alone.

"I'm sorry everyone," he wrote on Instagram on March 24. "I know I always delete my post and I go through my moods without making music and trying to talk to each and everyone of you. The truth is I feel weird about a lot of things and trying to give people answers to solutions when I'm still learning myself. I always focus on the negative when I shouldn't. My biggest fear is not letting myself, my fans and my family down. I know you guys only want me to release music and you will receive it. But as of now, I'm not fucking with anything at the moment."

Watch a snippet of Curry's "Ultimate (Remix)", and check out "Sumo" after that.

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