It's safe to say if you ever get the opportunity to see Denzel Curry perform live, you're going to get his "best shit," according to him. The Carol City, Fla, native stopped by Sway in the Morning recently and discussed the importance of putting on a great show as a an artist, and why some rappers have fallen off his radar due to their mediocre performances.

Curry told host Sway he doesn't need to use any vocal backings while he's performing. "I don't do that shit," he added to the applause of those in the room. "’Cause I be lookin' at shows and motherfuckas be playin' they shit, and it be the fuckin' soundtrack from the fuckin' SoundCloud."

If it were up to him, all rappers would "just have the instrumental, at least." "’Cause I wanna hear you. If I wanted to hear the track, nigga, I could've stayed in my car," the Imperial rapper continued. "They came to see you, so you gotta give them that fuckin' show."

Denzel admitted to learning how to put on a great show by observing acts like Lauryn Hill and The Underachievers, whom he thanks for putting him on his first tour. "When I went on tour with The Underachievers, I didn't know how to perform. I just had the energy," he told Sway.

The 2016 XXL Freshman put out his 13 EP just last week. All three songs he's dropped recently—"Zeltron 6 Billion," "Hate Government" and "Equalizer"—are all included in this five-track collection. In late May, the rapper announced an overseas tour for the project, which includes 11 cities spanning from the U.K. to Belgium. The Life of 13 Tour is scheduled to kick off in Lyon, France on Nov. 21, and end on Dec. 7 in Zürich, Switzerland, though more tour dates are to be announced.

Watch Curry's interview in its' entirety below.

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