Deniro Farrar and Denzel Curry, two buzzworthy artists from North Carolina and Florida, respectively, are gearing up to go on a nationwide tour named after their joint track, "Bow Down." Riding the strength of their projects, Farrar's critically-acclaimed EP, Rebirth, and Curry's 2013 project, Nostalgic 64, the two have complimentary styles and give fans an energy-packed performance.

Farrar's fans will have the opportunity to win free tickets to the show in their city via a social media campaign involving the Charlotte native's "Cult Rap" following. Fans can upload photos to the social media platform of their choosing and use the hashtag #CultRap. Doing so will automatically enter them to win tickets to a show, a chance to meet Deniro and a shoutout as the "#CultRapPhoto Of The Week" online.