Brooklyn band The Skins enlisted the help of D.R.A.M. for the single "Bury Me." The group returns to the track for a new music video, which D.R.A.M. appears in too. The striking visual begins to focus on D.R.A.M. about halfway in when he delivers the song's second verse.

"Well if you want me to dig your grave then baby grab my shovel/All the temptation leads to love making, you gon' get yourself into trouble/And if you think I do you so bad, why do you do me so good/I’m so hypnotized when we intertwine, but let’s get this here understood/I wish you life, even though every time you let me hit it, I'ma kill it/I wish you life, used to grabbing all my shovels so you still want me to dig in," D.R.A.M. sings.

D.R.A.M. is coming off a high right now after receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Performance. The Virginia artist told XXL that he thought his hit single "Broccoli" might get nominated when he saw how big it got.

"I believed it was a possibility once it got to the level of being worldwide," D.R.A.M. said. "There was speculation but I never really took it seriously because it’s so two ends of the spectrum with all walks of life, so who knows who’s really there to judge upon it being worthy or not, you know? The fact that enough people saw that it made it past the first snip, you know, it was like sheesh! I’m able to always have that tag on me, that I’m nominated. Shout-out to Chancellor [because] he up there with Coloring Book and if he wins, then Big Baby wins, you know that!"

Check out XXL's entire interview with D.R.A.M. for more insight on his Grammy nomination, including his plans for the awards ceremony.

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