Cousin Stizz's sophomore project is here. The Massachusetts rapper returns with his new mixtape Monda, the follow-up his breakthrough release Suffolk County. Stizz's latest work features 14 tracks with production by Cardo, Lakim, Tee WaTT and Dumdrumz among others.

Monda is Cousin Stizz's opportunity to prove that Suffolk County was no fluke. It also provides the "No Bells" rapper with a chance to continue his early career success. Stizz told XXL his achievements will allow him to give back to those who got him through tough times.

"I want to take care of my sisters and my mom and dad for as I long as I can," he said. "I definitely want to give back to Fields Corner and the community centers where I grew up. When I was growing up, we didn’t have shit in there so we went on different paths and fell into different things. Had we been more busy maybe we wouldn’t be doing a lot of those things."

Check out the tracklist and stream for Monda below. You can download the project for free via this link. And if you need some more material from Cousin Stizz, you can also view the music video for "Where I Came From."

1. "Wanted To Live" (Prod. By Lil Rich)
2. "Day Gone" (Prod. By Tee WaTT and M. Ali)
3. "500 Horses" (Prod. By Lil Rich)
4. "No Skrat" (Prod. By Dumdrumz)
5. "Gain Green" (Prod. By Dumdrumz)
6. "Down Like That" Feat. Larry June (Prod. By Puffy)
7. "Every Season" (Prod. By Cardo)
8. "Reup and Bake" (Prod. By Lakim)
9. "Million Things" (Prod. By Latrell James)
10. "Ask That" (Prod. By Tee WaTT and M. Ali)
11. "Big Fella" (Prod. By Lil Rich)
12. "You Won't Understand" (Prod. By Tee WaTT)
13. "Screwed Up" (Prod. By Lil Rich)
14. "Where I Came From" (Prod. By Tedd Boyd)

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