For eager Clipse fans such as myself, the album Hell Hath No Fury once seemed like a desert mirage. But now it looks like things are finally to becoming a reality. The single “Mr. Me Too” has been making its presence felt since its release. If you turn on your television to a music network right now you may even see the eye-catching video for the track. The follow-up single “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)” featuring Star Trak labelmate Slim Thug is said to be a sure-shot hit. We just may never hear it. Ah c’mon now, you know this wouldn’t be a real Clipse story without an extra dash of drama.

This is where things start to get very interesting. A while back, Pharrell sold the same instrumental that's featured on the song to Foxy Brown. But after announcing that she had been deaf for months, Skateboard P figured that she would never use the track. My sources at Def Jam (there must be a lot of salty ex-employees after last week’s layoffs) claim that Jay-Z even had a conversation with Pharrell where he said Fox Boog wouldn’t be using it. So, P decided to let Clipse murder the beat. And you know they did.

However, after a successful medical intervention, the ball is rolling again for the production of Foxy’s new album. And Jay wants that song! Word is that El Presidente Carter got his corporate thug on properly when his lawyers sent Jive Records a letter. They’re even allegedly trying to get T.I. and Rick Ross to appear on Foxy’s version of the track. Pharrell doesn’t want to step on Hova’s toes so it’s rumored that he is refusing to clear Slim Thug’s appearance on the song, fucking Clipse over in the process. Now what kind of fuck shit is that?

One would easily assume that Pharrell would ride for his niggas. And with Slim Thug (whose album is also on the way) spitting the hook, the choice seems obvious for a man who is supposedly Star Trak for life. Whatever nigga. My Def Jam sources also tell me that Pharrell is trying to give Hov everything from free beats to cash to let “Wamp Wamp” go. After four years of drama and now this, I’m willing to bet that the relationship between Pharrell and Clipse is more strained than my Granny’s colon.