Clams Casino and Vince Staples displayed so much chemistry on the latter's album, Summertime '06, that it's no surprise these two are linking up again for Clams' forthcoming album. Today (June 23), Clams and Vince deliver the video for "All Nite," a track set to land on the New Jersey-based producer's debut album, 32 Levels.

Throughout the nearly three-minute track, Clammy Clams kills the production, Vince kills his verses and Ryan Staake handles the incredibly creative visual. Staake, who has worked with David Bowie and Diplo in the past, take us to Staples' native Long Beach, CA, for the trippy, kaleidoscope-like clip.

Staake tells Pigeons & Planes, "Multiple scenes were shot repeatedly throughout the day and into the evening. Eventually the footage was spliced across the frame to show the same space across multiple moments of time. We knew that Vince’s dynamic movements would fit the approach and we embraced the subtle differences between each of his performance takes, allowing us to turn him into a shape-shifting creature traversing space and time."

Staples' hard-hitting bars mesh perfectly with Staake's visuals. The 22-year-old MC raps, "Raise it up, 6-4 still tippin'/That angel dust that had K. Dot trippin'/In my pop's grape Swisher when he roll up/Wig a nigga when he roll up/Where you from? So what?/This a cold game and my domain post up/Get a close up, hit the pen, prolly roll up/That's a no no in the Norf Norf/You are not welcome/Black tee, got the .44, don't test him/Body EC when he prolly squeeze/You already know a nigga rockin' off of Poppy Street/I'll block a man like La Flame/Better bite the bullet 'fore the bullet fight your brain/Big burner in the whip, no license, swangin'/Ike Turner on a bitch, hoes love the gamin'."

32 Levels is dropping on July 15. You can watch the "All Nite" video above via YouTube, and keep it locked to XXL for more music from both Clams Casino and Vince Staples.

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