The saga of Charles Hamilton continues on. After an interview earlier this week displayed the once lost rapper still alive and intact, the former XXL Freshman has some new music for his fans. According to Pigeons & Planes, they received an email today, which included two unreleased projects respectively titled, My Heart and The Zone from a "friend" of Charles Hamilton.

In the email, the friend of Hamilton explained the origin of the projects and the meaning behind each.

"I know Charles personally. He told me to leak these albums. Even has the Pharrell track there on My Heart. Oh, and, Charles is well aware of the leaks, like I said I know him personally and he told me to leak it. My Heart is Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio and The Zone is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for."

Charles was able to nab Pharrell for a track, as he was sole feature. Check out the tapes below.

The Zone

My Heart