The best rapper alive is also your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Taking to Twitter over the weekend for a post-sound check Q&A, Chance The Rapper answered a fan's question about who his favorite is on the mic by reciting the opening verse to Lil Wayne's "La La La" off Weezy's The Drought Is Over 2 (The Carter 3 Sessions).

As seen in the Twitter video above, Chano says, "My favorite rapper was born in New Orleans, raised in New Orleans, I will forever remain faithful to New Orleans, I thank you New Orleans..."

Chance of course has worked with Wayne on the Coloring Book single "No Problem," the two joined by 2 Chainz as they performed the song on Ellen a few weeks back. Following the performance, Chance sat down with Ellen for a brief interview, saying that he was still shaking from the set, calling his two collaborators two of his biggest role models. “Wayne came through for me today and he’s so strong and I just want to say shout out to them,” Chance, who was shouting “Free Weezy” during the performance, said.

Chance has since said of the Ellen appearance that he wasn't aware Wayne was planning to change the closing bars of his verse and that during the performance Wayne hits Chance in the chest to tell him not to ad-lib along with him. "Wayne wasn’t there for the first two run throughs," Chance said of practicing the performance. I didn’t see him perform it until he came out for the Iive TV joint...When he said it, we all lost out minds."

Check up top for Chance spitting portions of that "La La La" verse, with the Ellen moment only gaining significance with Chance's reply.

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