Chance The Rapper turned the lyric "If one more label try to stop me/There gon be some dreadhead niggas in your lobby" into an actual set piece when he visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, bringing 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne along to perform "No Problem." Chance's disdain for record labels extends beyond that one lyric, the performance opening up with suits sitting around a table for Generic Records, Chance and his cohorts coming in to disrupt their way of doing things.

Catch the energetic performance up top, with Wayne making a noteworthy lyric change, replacing the closing couplet of his verse with "And if Cash Money tryna stop me/I’ma let 'em rob me, yeah right like Ryan Lochte."

Afterward, Chance sat down with Ellen for a brief interview, saying that he was still shaking from the performance and calling his two collaborators, two of his biggest role models. "Wayne came through for me today and he’s so strong and I just want to say shout out to them," Chance, who was shouting "Free Weezy" during the performance, said.

Ellen then asks Chance about his choice not to sign with a label, Chance echoing many of the sentiments he's built his career on thus far. "I’m just trying to be an example for all the young artists that are becoming artists every day and working on their craft. Trying to help them avoid the pitfalls of the upper management of music and the non music side of music. When it’s in your hands you’re self-motivated and have all the tools that are there," he says.

Peep the office-rattling performance up top with Chano's sit-down below.

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