Chance The Rapper has made it something of a crusade to guide his career outside the major label system. And on that note, Chance claims that when he graces the Saturday Night Live stage on Dec. 12, he'll be the first truly independent artist to do so. His performances will come during the episode hosted by the actor Chris Hemsworth; theirs will serve as a ramp-up to the holiday special featuring Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Bruce Springsteen. On Twitter, Chance hinted that his set might include material from his long-awaited third solo mixtape.

After a staggeringly successful 2013--his free mixtape, Acid Rap, was widely downloaded and made many year-end critics' lists--Chance went relatively quiet. The young artist bounced between Los Angeles and his native Chicago, recording a series of spoken word-style guest verses and solo songs that strayed from rap. Instead of following up Acid Rap with another solo project, he instead enlisted the help of his extended network of friends and collaborators. Surf, officially credited to Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, dropped earlier this year; the record hinged on a warm, organic bed of sounds that paid homage to a variety of jazz and funk influences. The LP also gave a platform to less visible Chicago rappers, such as Saba and Noname Gypsy.