Chance The Rapper's pen skills have always been top notch. Now, Chano is slated to write the foreword for Kevin Coval's upcoming book A People's History of Chicago.

It's no secret that Chance (who grew up in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood) reps Chi-town to the fullest, so it makes sense that the Coloring Book artist would add his thoughts to the beginning of a book all about the Windy City.

Coval has been named Chicago's Best Poet by the Chicago Reader, and his forthcoming A People's History of Chicago will consist of 77 poems to represent the city's 77 neighborhoods. The Chicago Tribune has named Coval “the voice of the new Chicago," and the Boston Globe calls him “the city’s unofficial poet laureate.”

The book's description states, "Known variously as ‘the Windy City,' 'the City of Big Shoulders,' or ‘Chi-Raq,’ Chicago is one of the most widely celebrated, routinely demonized, and thoroughly contested cities in the world. Chicago is the city of Gwendolyn Brooks and Chief Keef, Al Capone and Richard Wright, Lucy Parsons and Nelson Algren, Harold Washington and Studs Terkel. It is the city of Fred Hampton, House Music, and the Haymarket Martyrs."

Through his new book, Coval honors the "lives and enduring resistance of the city’s workers, poor people, and people of color, whose cultural and political revolutions continue to shape the social landscape." He captures the writing style of legendary playwright Howard Zinn to tell the stories of "those on the margins, whose stories often go untold."

A People's History of Chicago is set to release on April 11, 2017. You can buy the 150-page book in paperback form for $17, or you can cop it as an eBook for $9.99.

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