Chance The Rapper is gearing up to step into the hosting chair on the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and NBC is rolling out the promo clips to get fans and viewers excited.

In the most recent clip, the Chicago entertainer wonders how he is going to get ready for the big night coming up, which leads to him kicking off an intense dance party. Chance recruits the cast to bust out some dance moves in some red lighting and hardcore party music, before we see Kenan Thompson walk down the hall and watch all the action go down without the special effects.

SNL revealed last month that the Coloring Book rapper would be hosting the sketch comedy show, with Eminem as the musical guest for the evening as well. Being that the Detroit rapper just unveiled his new "Walk on Water" single with Beyoncé, we can definitely expect an enthusiastic performance from Em.

While Chance has performed multiple times as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with one of them being alongside Kanye West, this will be his first time sitting in the official hosting chair.

See the promo clip with Chance below to see him get ready for this weekend.

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