Unlike Eminem, Chance The Rapper gives a damn about a Grammy. The Chicago native is actively campaigning for a Grammy nomination with a new advertisment. The ad simply reads, "Hey, why not me?"

"Yea at first I was like "people take out Grammy ads??? Why? that seems lame," Chance tweeted on Monday (Oct. 10). "Then I was like "oooooh I'm gonna make a bunch of these."

Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book is eligible for a Grammy nomination thanks to a change in the Recording Academy's selection process. Free releases are now eligible as long as they are available on a paid streaming service and dropped between Oct. 1, 2015 and Sept. 30, 2016.

According to the Academy, this applies to music “released via general distribution, defined as the nationwide release of a recording via brick and mortar, third-party online retailers, and/or applicable digital streaming services. Applicable streaming services are paid subscription, full catalog, on-demand streaming/limited download platforms that have existed as such within the United States for at least one full year as of the submission deadline."

That paid subscription caveat means releases on outlets like YouTube, Datpiff or LiveMixtapes are still not eligible. But if the project is available on Apple Music, Spotify or Tidal, it is up for consideration.

Chance The Rapper appears to be a lock for a Grammy nomination. The "No Problem" artist's Coloring Book has received widespread acclaim since its release in May.

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