It's easy to get lost in all of the negative news circulating the internet everyday. But artists like Chance The Rapper are also working hard to deliver some good news. In a Facebook video from today, he announced alongside Chicago Beyond's Liz Dozier a $2 million challenge for an idea to help the youth of Chicago.

The Go Innovate Challenge is simple. Nonprofit organizations can upload a 90 second video to the Chicago Beyond website with an idea that will aid children in high school with education or safer communities. The deadline is July 7 and the initiative is not limited to Chicago residents.

In the video, Liz also makes a good point that opportunities like this avoid the tedious amounts of paperwork with grants and other foundations. Besides making the announcement and fielding questions, Chance announced a summer program through his foundation Social Works. Liz also brings up the fact that Chicago Beyond funded 3,000 summer jobs on the South and West side of Chicago this year.

Chance filmed the video from Tampa, Fla. since his tour makes its stop there tonight. Chicago Beyond is a non-profit that helps to connect amazing people in the city to help the youth. Liz and Chance had worked in the past when Chance donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools and started the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund.

Chance continues to outdo himself by working with those sincerely dedicated to bettering his hometown and taking action to see his dreams come true.

You can watch the video of Chance and Liz making the announcement below.

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