50 Part 2



Lil’ Kim


Who Started It: 50. He dissed her on the 8 Mile Soundtrack (“I'm convinced, man, something really wrong with these ho's/I thought Lil' Kim was hot, 'til she start fucking with her nose”). They made up and made “Magic Stick” into a #1 hit. But after refusing to do the video and falling with her then boyfriend ‘World’, 50 dissed her again in “Piggy Bank”

Disses: 50 “Love Me”, 50 “Piggybank”, Kim “Spellcheck”

Winner: 50 easily

Hardest Blow: “Its an emergency/when Micheal Jackson see/her picture and say “she looks like me”

Where Are They Now: Kim going to jail slowed the whole beef now. There are rumors of her signing to G-Unit.

Fat Joe

Joey Crack

Who Started It: 50. Angry that Joe and Jadakiss jumped on Ja Rule’s “New York” record, Curtissssss’ vowed to end the Terror Squardian career and put him on KOCH Records.

Disses: “Piggy Bank”, “My Fo Fo”,  “I Run NY”, “Window Shopper”, “Go Freestyle”

Winner: 50. “My Fo Fo” bit the Flintstones

Hardest Blow: Yayo “Fat Joe aint a gangsta/he scared to fly!”

Where Are They Now: Joe left Atlantic Records and ended up on the Virgin equivalent to Koch, Imperial.

Mobb Deep



Who Started It:50. He went from spitting on Havoc’s “Bump Dat Remix” in ’02 to using them as the butt of his jokes on “Piggybank”

Disses: “Piggybank”

Winner:  50. He signed them right after he dissed em. Gangsta

Hardest Blow: “I do your little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep” & “I let Prodigy do that deal at Koch!”

Where Are They Now: On G-Unit. Prodigy just did his solo LP on Koch though. Go figure



Who Started It: 50. Mad that Shyne didn’t sign to G-Unit and was rumored to be signing to Murder Inc, 50 dissed the incarcerated scarface on Hot 97. “I heard Irv trying to sign Shyne but I don’t got no love for him/tell him 50 said he’s soft and wont shoot up the club again”

Disses: “Piggybank”, Shyne “For The Record”

Winner: 50. I believe Shyne had the better song, but he’s still in jail.

Hardest Blow: See Picture

Where Are They Now: Still in jail


Cass Mug Shot

Who Started It: 50. He started instigating a beef between Cassidy and Lloyd Banks on Hot 97. Cassidy took it personally.

Disses: “B-Boy Stance” Video, “Piggybank” Video

Winner: 50. Cassidy went to jail before this get big.

Hardest Blow: The fake 50 Cent in the “B-Boy Stance”

Where Are They Now: Cassidy’s been lying low since his release. We’ll see.

The Lox


Who Started It: 50. See Fat Joe

Disses: “Piggybank”, “I’m A Animal”, “I Run NY”, “Sorry Ms. Jackson”, “Maybe If I Sing”, “50 Shot Ya”

Winner: 50. Styles even admitted it on Hot 97

Hardest Blow: “One more word out his mouth I’ll push Styles shit back!”

Where Are They Now: Styles P is off Interscope. 50 Claims while he pushed his album back, he never wanted him to get dropped. Sheek is on Koch. Jada’s still rocking with Jimmy I. No word on The Lox album.



Who Started It: 50. He was mad that Nas didn’t call when he replaced 50 on the “I’m Gonna Be Alright Remix”

Disses: “Piggybank”, Original “Window Shopper”, Nas “Don’t Body Yourself”

Winner: 50 so far. But it’s still ongoing. Nas still might have another Ether in him

Hardest Blow: “Kelis said her "Milkshake" bring all the boys to the yard/Then Nas went, and tattooed the bitch on his arm”

Where Are They Now: Tension is still there. 50 has also been “mentoring” Nas’ baby’s mother Carmen on business deals.

The Game


Who Started It: 50. He kicked Game out the group for doing songs with Nas, Fat Joe and Jadakiss.
Disses: Game “100 Bars” “200 Bars” “240 Bars” “300 Bars & Running” “Soundscan”, 50 “Not Rich Still Lying”

Winner: 50. But Game took out the rest of G-Unit single-handedly. Banks caught the brunt of the blows. The G-Unot campaign was genius. But Game isn’t gone all the way like others on this list. He fought back like Tina in the back of that car, hence why he still has a career.

Hardest Blow: Dre not producing anything on Doctor’s Advocate

Where Are They Now: Game is cruising to platinum status with his new single featuring Kanye. But a far cry from his “Sell another 5 million albums? Yes I Am!” claim.



Who Started It: 50. Mad over Ma$e negotiations
Disses: Diddy “I’m Richer Bitch”,  50 “The Bomb”

Winner: 50. Diddy didn’t want any problems.

Hardest Blow: “I guess this means I won’t be invited to the white parties in the Hamtpons…I don’t give a fuck! I don’t wanna hang out with your punk ass no way! Got me muthafuckin’ running around with this nigga Ma$e…and he wanna play games you don’t wanna make the deal nigga?! Man I’ll fuck your shit up nigga!!! IS YOU CRAZY NIGGA?!?! Matter of fact, you know what? I don’t wanna do the deal no more…FUCK THE DEAL nigga! You wanna play game you wanna waste my muthafuckin time nigga?! Time is money nigga you wasting the muthafuckin money nigga!!! Aiight…I see what you’re trying to do. But I don’t know why you doing what you trying to do. Why you wanna make me tell everybody what Misa told me? HUH?!?!  Now you go on and send me $50,000 for this nigga travel fees…you know airfare…hotel space for that last tour nigga. Or I’ll really service your ass nigga!!! Hahahahaha….”

Where Are They Now: Rumor is the Ma$e deal went through after “The Bomb”.



Who Started It: Cam. While 50 did say he “could shut down any Koch release” first, Cam definitely took it to another level.

Disses: “The Funeral”, “Curtisss!”

Winner: Still Undecided
Hardest Blow: “Curtissssssssss!!! How much did the Mobb sell Curtisssss?”

Where Are They Now: Cam just dropped a video response. Expect 50’s next response in the up coming weeks. New Cam’Ron Interview

Also: Mr. Cheeks, Oprah, Kenneth “Supreme” Griffith, R. Kelly, AZ, Z-Ro

Win-Loss-Draw Record: 20-0-2

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