Cardi B is an Internet sensation like no other. The Bronx-bred former stripper became famous on Instagram for her self-proclaimed ratchetness and hilarious personality. With funny videos like the famous "A hoe don't ever get cold" clip, Cardi openly celebrates the stereotypes that people use to shame her and has no problem confronting her haters head-on.

Fortunately for Cardi, she's turned her social media fame into hosting gigs and has recently ventured into the reality TV world. She made some big noise on the most recent season of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York as a new cast member. The 23-year-old was a fan favorite on the show thanks to her personality and already heavily-established fan base. Cardi managed to laugh through most of the drama on the show and used the platform to promote her next big career move: rap music. In March, Cardi dropped her first mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1, featuring tracks like "Foreva" and "Wash Poppin," and this summer, she's planning a national tour.

The best part about Cardi's Instagram is her candid comments on everyday life. Even through the jokes and lingo ("shmoney," "foreva," to name a few), Cardi offers sage advice to her more than 3 million Instagram followers. She talks about budgeting your money, staying down with your day one crew and rising above the haters. Say what you want about her past or her present persona, but you can't say Cardi doesn't keep it real. Here's a sample of some of her best advice on Instagram.

  • 1

    "Know How to Budget, Hoe"

    Even though she's making serious bread now, Cardi B is still fiscally responsible. And you should be too.

  • 2

    "Haters Can't Live Without Hating You"

    Cardi knows the haters need her to prosper in order to live. She gives them life.

  • 3

    "You Need a Good Bitch"

    Just think, who's going to hold you down when things go wrong? According to Cardi, a good bitch.

  • 4

    "Stripping Is Hustlin'"

    There's no shame in Cardi's game. She doesn't hide her past as a stripper and points out the double standard of drug dealers being praised for hustlin' while strippers get shamed.

  • 5

    "Work Hard, Pray Hard"

    Her secret to success, aside from her personality, is her work ethic.

  • 6

    "Don't Add an Extra Body to Your Count"

    There is some good reasoning behind why she still messes with her exes from time to time.

  • 7

    "Stalk Your Enemies"

    Cardi keeps it 100 and definitely admits to stalking girls she doesn't like online.

  • 8

    "Keep Your Day Ones Close"

    Since she got famous, Cardi says "all of a sudden" bitches want to be her friend, but they wasn't with her shooting in the gym.

  • 9

    "Put Yourself On"

    Using stripping as an example, Cardi reveals she practiced her moves herself instead of waiting for someone to teach her.

  • 10

    "Hate On Somebody That Could Actually Steal Your Girl"

    Dudes shouldn't hate on women.

  • 11

    "Save Your Money"

    Cardi shares some important advice her dad gave her.

  • 12

    "Baby Mamas Be Like..."

    She knows how to play the role of the step mom to win over the kids.

  • 13

    "I Eat What I Want"

    The gym isn't for everybody and Cardi B understands this. What's the secret to eating whatever you want and still maintain your figure? Her trusty waist trainer.

  • 14

    "Be Confident"

    Confidence is key and this Bronx bombshell knows her abilities are a big win.

  • 15

    "How to Get Your Ex Back..."

    This woman knows all the tricks to getting your ex-girlfriend back.

  • 16

    "Don't Contaminate Everybody"

    Wrap it up if you're going to get busy because according to Cardi, safe sex is best.

  • 17

    "I Am the Hood"

    Even though she's living good now in her New Jersey condo, Cardi reminds fans to remember where their roots.

  • 18

    "Don't Ever Get Too Comfortable"

    Don't settle with being mediocre. Cardi wants you to learn how to move up in the world.

  • 19

    "Your Boys Are Snitching"

    When people think the FEDs are tapping their phones, Cardi opens their eyes.

  • 20

    "I'm Not Gonna Give You No Life"

    In the age of subliminals, Cardi B wants you to know that calling someone out works more to their benefit than it does to yours.