While still in mourning, two members of Cali Swag District, C-Smoove and Jay Are, spoke to gossip site, tmz.com, about the tragic death of their friend and counterpart M-Bone in a drive-by shooting last Sunday (May 15).

During the short interview, the two men emphasized the “random” nature of the crime and dismissed ideas that it stemmed from gang activity.

“It had nothing to do with gang violence,” C-Smoove told TMZ. “It wasn’t nothing like that. It was just a wrong place at the wrong time situation, you feel me? And we just gotta stay strong for the homie … We don’t know who is responsible for it or what the case may be. It’s just bad, man. We’re just gonna leave it up to the law right now, because there’s really nothing we can do. We gotta stay strong and keep our music going and keep our heads on right and just stay safe, stay off the streets.”

When asked about reports that the murder may have been over a girl, C-Smoove said he’s in the dark about possible motives.

As XXL previously reported, M-Bone’s girlfriend suspects a jealous neighborhood was behind the shooting. C-Smoove also said they were at a friend’s birthday party when they got the news.

“You go from celebrating a birthday to mourning a death in the same day like, it’s crazy,” C-Smoove said. “It was just so random. I don’t know. He went to the store to get something to drink and just randomly somebody pull up, don’t say no words, don’t shoot a lot of shots, just did what they had to do and got on. It had to be something but we really can’t tell exactly what it was.”

When asked if they would like to send a message to M-Bone’s family, C-Smoove fought back tears and said, “We are his family.”

In adiition, tmz.com learned that a dancer in the “Teach Me How To Dougie” video has been identified as a witness in M-Bone's murder.

According to the site, an overweight man named “Bubba,” best known for his shirtless rendition of the Dougie in the CSD clip, was in front of the Inglewood, CA liquor store where M-Bone was shot.

Witnesses said that Bubba was reportedly waiting in the vehicle M-Bone drove to the store, and was sprayed with broken glass when shots were fired.

Bubba, who is close with several members of the group, was reportedly hospitalized for his injuries, though none were life-threatening. —Lauren Carter