While you were perhaps brunching or running errands this weekend, Georgia rapper Bubba Sparxxx made an out of nowhere comeback when an image of himself and his new fiancee, 2010's Miss Iowa, Katie Connors, went viral. While congratulations are due for Bubba and his boo, news of the image spread due in large part to the much skinner form the "Deliverance" rapper was sporting.

In his most popular years (2001 to 2005, roughly) Sparxxx was recognizable for his round frame and shaved head, wearing fitted caps, baggy pants and tall tees, as was the fashion then.

But in a series of new photos (some included below), Bubba's got his shirt tucked in, sleeves rolled up and has noticeably shed a good deal of that peach cobbler belly. With wedding bells ringing in his not so distant future, perhaps the rapper shed the lbs in anticipation for his big date. His wedding with Connors is scheduled for May 21 to take place at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville and is expected to coast around $100,000.

Naturally, the online typists that compose the Twitter user base had plenty to say with regard to Bubba's physical transformation, with some of the best comments compiled in the gallery above.

While some simply state the obvious — "Bubba Spaxxx lost hella weight" — others advance the discussion at least a tad bit further. One user remarked, "If Bubba Sparxxx can get skinny, so can everybody else," a sentiment that is either a piece of encouragement to others or expertly thrown shade.

Check out the full collection up top, with a sampling of some of Bubba's latest IG flicks and a look at his past self below.

Scott Gries, Getty Images
Scott Gries, Getty Images