On Sunday night (July 29), Bone Crusher appeared on comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime series, Who Is America? While the political satire mock-umentary series has become popular for the lampooning of politicians, Bone Crusher also fell victim to Cohen's pranks.

Appearing during a "Heal the Divide" segment, which is hosted by Cohen's liberal Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello character, Bone Crusher was taken aback when Cohen decided to quote "gangster rapper" Will Smith. "If I may quote one of the best gangster rappers of all time, William 'Will' Smith," says Cohen's character, before reciting the lyrics of "Wild Wild West."

In the segment, Cohen also asks the Atlanta rapper how he identifies himself racially. When Bone says "Black," Cohen fires back that "the b-word is slightly offensive" and adds that the word is "Afro-marginalized."

While Bone Crusher just looked on in disbelief, former South Carolina Rep. Chip Limehouse, who also appeared on the segment, became defensive. Limehouse began to pat Bone Crusher on the back, saying, "He's a Black man."

The move prompted the quick-witted Cohen to reply, "I wouldn't slap him on the shoulder and say he's a b-man. That came off as very condescending." The comedian then went on to ask Bone Crusher if he was okay.

During another segment on Sunday night's episode, Cohen's Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello character participated in a rap battle with Ness Lee. While Cohen's freestyle was full of more talking than bars, he did deliver one diss, telling Ness, “You talk, uh, in bragging terms about the size of your phallus/I believe the inverse is true/I, myself, am ashamed that I have a larger phallus than you."

The line sent the crowd into a frenzy, who quickly began cheering for Cohen. Ness Lee also took the prank in stride, later tweeting, "Lol salute 'Nira'. Thanks for the opportunity...and the prank."

Check out some clips from the episode below.

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