Banks & Steelz, the duo made of Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA and Interpol frontman Paul Banks, are gearing up to drop their album Anything But Words later this month, and follow-up their city-bending video for "Giant" with the album's titular track.

RZA provides his tradmark verses of enlightenment rapping, "I wrote songs for fun, not for salary / Used to collect guns, now the truth is my cavalry." He later turns scientific, deconstructing the human body with his superior insight. "My logistic is logical / Turn you back to molecules / Minuscule follicles / Then convert your brain to subatomic particles," he raps.

"The foundation of the lyrics was inspired by the energy of Malibu, and combined with the idea of myself, and the idea of man himself," RZA said recently. "I was inspired to write the second verse as if a man is reflecting upon his life."

Anything But Words is set to drop on Aug. 26 and is available to preorder now through iTunes. Check the tracklist below, with features from Method Man, Kool Keith, Florence Welch, Ghostface Killah and Masta Killa. A number of the tracks have been uploaded to SoundCloud in recent weeks, with links provided via the tracklist. Listen to "Anything But Words" up above.

Banks & Steelz’ Anything But Words tracklist

1. “Giant”
2. “Ana Electronic”
3. “Sword In The Stone” feat. Kool Keith
4. “Speedway Sonora”
5. “Wild Season” feat. Florence Welch
6. “Anything But Words”
7. “Conceal”
8. “Love and War” feat. Ghostface Killah
9. “Can’t Hardly Feel”
10. “One by One”
11. “Gonna Make It”
12. “Point of View” feat. Method Man and Masta Killa

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