Earlier today (May 12), XXL reported that Azealia Banks had been suspended from Twitter. Naturally, it hasn't stopped her from broadcasting her attitude to hundreds of thousands on Instagram, where she's continued to react to criticism while also taking repeated shots at Zayn Malik of One Direction.

In one post, Banks claims she's writing an essay called "Whiteness Is a Mental Illness" that will apparently be up tonight. And while we know Banks isn't popular, let's clear the air right now: she's smart as a whip, and has been so since the jump.

This whole thing started over her claim that Zayn Malik had copied elements of her visuals in his "Like I Would" video. A look at her comparison on IG sure does make Zayn's video look suspect, and if she's right, it relates to a point she made on her Hot 97 interview in late 2014 about black artists getting erased in pop culture. But lo and behold, the conversation became about her antics instead of her original point, ironically reinforcing the idea that black artists get pushed out of the way.

To be fair, she didn't help her own case much. The racial epithets and unnecessary bullying of a 14-year-old didn't make her any more favorable in the public's eyes, but we want to read what she says in "Whiteness Is a Mental Illness" because that title is kinda fire.

Check out her Instagram reactions to getting kicked off Twitter below, as well as continued shots thrown in Zayn's direction.

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