Congratulations to Dunson, the winner of Corona Extra and XXL's second online tournament, Ready or Not Rap Battle: Singles Challenge.

The Baltimore-raised rapper, whose strengths are listed as production, concept, wordplay and originality, has gone through a rigorous process of pushing his single against contestants from all over the country. His final opponent, Indio-Cali-raised Connor Evans, who boasted a club-friendly anthem—though excelled as a whole—wasn't able to beat out the immense support given to Dunson.

As the second installment of Corona and XXL's Ready or Not Rap Battle tourney, Singles Challenge featured MCs selected by the XXL staff with their best finished full-length tracks. The final winner, Duson, was determined by a voting process, and will receive a write up on XXL magazine, and the song will get featured on the Bangers section of

Thank you to all the contestants that have participated in the tournament, and once again congratulations to the winner, Dunson. —XXL Staff (@XXL)

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