One doesn't attain the title "The Voice of New York" without living a rich story-filled life, which is precisely what radio personality Angie Martinez will detail in her first ever memoir My Voice. Due out May 17, My Voice will cover Angie's life growing up with a single mother in Brooklyn, her rise to radio stardom with Hot 97 and her decision to leave the station for crosstown rival Power 105.

In an interview with People Magazine, Martinez speaks on the two hour Tupac interview that she could only share 12 minutes of, and explains that while listeners know her for her involvement in some of rap's biggest moments, they don't know the full story.

"People might remember certain interviews or the time that I had to get on the radio and tell New York that Biggie had passed. Or that time I got on the radio and was mediating this problem between R. Kelly and Jay Z," she said. "They might have these moments of the career, but what they didn't know was what I was going through at the same time."

The memoir includes a foreword by J. Cole and can be pre-ordered through Penguin Random House. Martinez additionally tells People that there's a lot to learn about her seasoned radio skills.

"Sometimes I may come off like I know what I'm doing or I'm confident, but I'm not always. I think I'm like the kid who loved hip hop and all of a sudden – I don't know what it was – it started to put me in positions to do great things. I wasn't necessarily prepared or ready or expecting these opportunities, but they happen. And I think sometimes you gotta go. Sometimes you gotta say, 'Okay' – even if you're not sure you're ready."

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