Allan Kingdom and Denzel Curry hit the literal lab in Kingdom's new video for "The Fusion," a song you'll probably be hearing even more of in the near future.

In the video, Kingdom plays the role of a mad scientist, toiling away in a dark laboratory, seemingly putting together some sort of diabolical concoction. The room has all the trimmings of a real laboratory, with mystery liquid-filled beakers and other bits of equipment everywhere you look.

Curry, who was a 2016 XXL Freshman last year, also pops up for the seemingly villainous experiment. It looks like ground zero for a Frankenstein-esque disaster and by the end of the video, we end up seeing just that. We'll let you find out what that's about for yourself.

The Ronny J & FNZ-produced song, which appears on Kingdom's LINES album, is definitely an anthemic one. The words to the hook mesh perfectly with the mellow, but pretty turnt instrumental.

"You say that you 'bout that/But I highly doubt that/You say I been down bad/I just had to bounce back/You say that you 'bout that/But I highly doubt that/I be off the loud pack
I be off the bounce back," Kingdom raps in the hook, which you'll probably find yourself repeating at some point or another.

Check out the video for "The Fusion" below. You'll be shocked by what you find at the end of it.

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