In recent weeks, hip-hop pioneer and Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa has been accused of molestation, first by a single man and then by others, who say that Bambaataa sexual assaulted them decades ago. While Bambaataa has said in an official statement that the allegations are baseless, he called in to The Ed Lover Show recently to further deny the claims leveled against him.

"This is false allegations that’s being put against me," he said in the above audio clip, the first of four from the interview. "A lot of lies, and it could be me today and you tomorrow. I completely deny all types of accusations."

Bambaataa then went on to question the timing of the allegations, saying that "it’s people that’s trying to sell a book. Making up false accusations of me. Trying to get in sensationalism just to gain publicity." Bambaataa's initial accuser, former New York State Democratic Committee member Ronald Savage has released a book, Impulse, Urges and Fantasies, in which he details the alleged assault.

Later on in the interview, Bambaataa says he is considering a defamation suit against his accusers, and denies even knowing them, saying, "There was a time when you could get nowhere next to me when we was running the streets." Listen to the full Ed Lover interview in the clips included above and below.

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