Afrika Bambaataa has been removed as leader of the Universal Zulu Nation amidst allegations of child molestation. The Zulu Nation issued a press release today (May 6) that did not refer to Bambaataa by name but confirmed that "accused parties" have been removed or stepped down from their positions in the organization.

"The Universal Zulu Nation wishes to announce that it is currently under new leadership by the International and Regional U.S. Zulu Leaders," the press release says. "This will involve a significant restructure and will feature an in-depth re-assessment of how the organization will function to better serve our communities. As part of this restructure ALL accused parties and those accused of covering up the current allegations of child molestation have been removed and have stepped down from their current positions."

This news comes as a dramatic change in position by the Zulu Nation. The organization previously said that Bronx politician Randy Savage's allegations were "100% untrue." Savage was the first man to come forward and accuse Afrika Bambaataa of molesting him as a child. Since then, three more men have accused Bambaataa of sexual assault.

The Zulu Nation called their response to the allegations "ineffective" and explained that there will be significant changes coming to the organization in the near future. The press release stated that the Zulu Nation is in a difficult position because they are "being asked to condemn one of our founders based on testimony through social media alone." The group explained that they are focused on seeking the truth in this matter.

The organization said they "welcome constructive suggestions on how [justice] could be effectuated properly." The Zulu Nation asserted that they are looking for any resolution that can established the truth. Those interested in contacting the Zulu Nation can do so via the email address..

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