Kirko Bangz


My Story by Kirko Bangz

I’m just a regular-ass little nigga from the hood. I just be out here chilling, trying to make a way for me and my people. I’m real simple. The best way to describe me, Kirko, is real simple. He ain’t gonna do too much. He’s gonna chill. I’m not trying to be extra, stand out. I’m gonna do what I gotta do, do my job, and get out of your way. I’m straight-to-the-point, simple and just traditional. And I do love the ladies. I rep for Houston, for the East side of H-Town, for North Shore, for Texas. Really, I just rep for anybody who been through the struggle. I will represent for anybody, whether it’s dudes or girls, who’s trying to make a better situation for them and their people.

Growing up, really, I wasn't big into music. I was really big on basketball. So when I grew up, I had to look backwards. When I grew up, I was just basketball and jamming Eminem and stuff like that. Then when I got older and started thinking, I'm from Houston, I got to represent, I went and picked up everything. You know what I'm saying, all the archives and the history, which I already knew but wanted to fill myself with so everywhere I go, every time I talk and do music people can feel that Houston.

I started rapping about stuff that I was going through, know what I'm saying, my life, my mom, my siblings, growing up and wanting to get out of that type of lifestyle and make a better way for my people. That's really why I started spitting about my life story and stuff like that when I was younger. It was like my own little diary. When I started, I always wanted to make it, but I didn't envision it until I probably got to college and realized, I really can make this happen. I never envisioned myself singing or anything like that. I was straight hip-hop, rapping about what I was seeing, rapping about my life, stuff like that. Slowly but surely, it just changed. I started growing, like, I can do this, and do that, and do this, and things started getting better for me and I just stayed with it.

Music spoils people; it spoils rappers and artists. It’s so easy to do, not as far as making music but all the interviews and stuff like that. When you play basketball, you got to grind physically as well. For us, you’ve got to eat good, rest when you can. But in basketball, you’ve got to be in the weight room, you’ve got to be running horses, you’ve got to be in shape, you’ve got to eat right, everything. So adapting that grind to this makes it easier for me. But, there are setbacks every day; I had a setback yesterday. I got a big song, but someone else got the beat and I can’t use it no more. It is what it is, though, you got to keep on rolling with the punches. What I tell myself is, I got to learn a way to balance that and put those things together—what people like me for, and what I like about my music that people don’t really know about. I need to put it nice and softly. I can’t really be like, ‘I’m just doing this now!’ I’ve got to take my time and make it work and be smart about it and do what makes sense.

It's a blessing and an honor to be a Freshman. I always wanted to be a part of this since I started. Last year, I thought I was going to make it, but I didn't get that. Just to be on the cover of a magazine, the people I grew up with, my homies and people that know me will go to Walgreen's and Walmart and just see me on there— that's a blessing. Growing up you always know you're going to do something and you've got dreams, but when they actually start happening, when you actually start seeing them it's, like, 'I knew I was going to make it happen, but I ain't really know I was going to make it happen.'

I feel the pressure, but I got the follow-up that’s gonna drive the people trill, do the same numbers as “Drank In My Cup,” Lord willing. Other than that, I feel the pressure and the challenge, but that’s life for me. I don’t want to do it if I ain’t got no pressure, if it ain’t no challenge, if it ain’t no people saying, ‘You can’t do this.’ Right now I just dropped my single, “Keep it Trill.” I’m working that. It’s getting a lot of great feedback; people loving that, especially the women. And than, I’m just working on my album, trying to get these records together, these features together. But we’re looking real good. It’s about to go down.

I just want to keep going, and use this money to do something smart. I want to get into writing movies and stuff like that where I can really just expand my mind and let it go. Hopefully I can use that, as well as my music, to touch people.

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