Jean Grae Talks Lil B Collabo

Add Lil B’s “Base 4 Ya Face” featuring Jean Grae and Phonte to the growing list of collaborations that were birthed on Twitter. chopped it up with the Brooklyn bred rapstress to find out how the unlikely collabo came about.

After seeing frequent collaborator 9th Wonder tweet about working with 2011 XXL Freshman, Grae, who first befriended the Based God on Twitter, sent him a congratulatory text and ended up getting invited on the track only hours before it was scheduled to leak online.

“I went through about four hours of hell trying to get it done ‘cause technology just wasn’t working for me,” Grae told “[9th] sent me ‘Te’s verse and [Lil B's] verse and I got it done, sent it back. About 15 minutes later, [9th] was like, ‘alright, I’m putting a link up.’”

Though the track features MCs who are the antithesis of one another according to the purist handbook, Grae doesn’t think it should have caused such an uproar. During his listening event for Angels Exodus LP in New York this past January, B mentioned wanting to pay tribute to “real lyricism” and name-checked Grae, MF Doom and RZA as inspirations.

“I really have an issue with people being so quick to judge things without even trying to listen to it or judge being judgmental in general,” Grae explained. “Hip-hop purists are the most judgmental people ever. I kinda don’t stand for it. I’m all for people being creative and free spirits and for not having rules. Not R. Kelly rules. There’s a difference. R. Kelly should have rules.”

Lil B’s Illusions of Grandeur featuring “Based 4 Ya Face” with Jean Grae and Phonte drops exclusively on today (March 11) at 3 p.m. EST. —Carl Chery

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  • HU

    Alright, if the intelligent can help the ignorant I’m all for it. There could be a sort of mentor program in rap where people born privileged, like Jean Grae, can help ghetto vermin like Gucci Mane, Boosie, and so on. It could help to eliminate retard rap which would ultimately reduce crime and lack of education in black society.

    • thinker

      ur part of the ignorant group u idiot. naming people like that and not understanding why anybody likes them is REAL IGNORANCE. Understanding the fans of an artist is part of understanding the artists movement. check urself fool

      • thinker

        sorry about that, i went back and read ur comment and dont think u even mean what u wrote. anywaaaayyyyss. all hate below me, including that faggot quest_hate can suck a fresh fart from between the buttcheeks of the boogieman

  • HUisgay

    you sound like idiot please die. music is music.. school educates
    u can say gucci mane flocka boosie and lil b are “retards” but they make more money than you so ask your self whos the retard?

    • bk

      Ima let you finish because HU said some dumb shit, but using money to justify one’s existence is an argument that is dead in the water. The dudes you mentioned make worthwhile music that some people, who can’t get over themselves, won’t allow themselves to appreciate on principle. Money’s got nothing to do with it. Lames make lots of money and brilliant people suffer in obscurity all the time. BURR

  • alderman j

    Lil be gone have to show me somethng, he is ok but to get the attention he gets is beyond me??? Wolfpack had a couple songs but his verse was never the best. I dont get it. I need to hear something that is better than OK?

  • TonyTiger

    Lil B is a pretty is one of the realest people I know. What gets the attention because if he didn’t have your attention he wouldn’t care. Some of his songs are out there (funny and somewhat enjoyable). A the rest are talking about some real in depth topics. He attracts you with his weirdo songs but keeps you with his #BASED music. Hu$tling hard.

  • http://la206.bandcamp quest_hate

    im always for seeing blacks getting money i’m just not a lil b stan. However, I been putting heads on to Grae for yrs so this is sort of a slap in the face. Jean I know this is a sad attempt at salvaging some media relevance since your last album “Jeanius” was an epic fail. Next time tell that lazy nigga 9th to give you different drums than the ones they already used on LB’s shit lmfao. Honestly, everybody on this collab sounded horrible. The worst jean and te verses I’ve ever heard.

  • Rhyme

    Lil B had a good game plan but i still don’t feel him and everyone calling people haters cause they don’t like someone i got reasons why i don’t get down to that stupidass nigga rap and no matter if they make money or not it goes to show that stupidity sells and its the people at fault but im all for getting people off the street but they get in to music and all the high selling shit is making people wanna be in the streets its backwards

  • HU

    Everyone above Rhyme clearly has no idea about black images in the media and their effects on society. Go read about minstrel shows and media manipulation. I made salient, although I admit brusque, statements that will be corroborated by any peer-reviewed academic literature. My other weakness is assuming the 16 year old kids on this site who think dumb is cool can understand what I’m saying at all.

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