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20 Weird Hip-Hop Videos That Will Freak You Out
Here at XXL, we've compiled a solid list of strange rap videos you've got to see. From creepy and brutal, to just plain outrageous, these videos go against the grain. So sit back, relax and enjoy a hip-hop ride that's anything but ordinary.
Jean Grae Plays An Inmate On CBS’ ‘2 Broke Girls’
Jean Grae appeared on an episode of CBS' 2 Broke Girls last night (Feb. 9).
The Blacksmith/Warner Bros signee guest starred on the hilarious sitcom, playing a prison inmate named Tenaya. In the “And The Crime Ring" episode, the show's two starring characters get arrested…
Jean Grae Gets Sensual In “Underneathu” Video
This is how you make a music video. Jean Grae's new self-directed clip for "underneathu," the standout song from her #5 EP, creates a fictional late-'80s public access TV show. She enlists her friends and collaborators as a band called The Everybody's Pregnant, and c…
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