Jean Grae

Jean Grae Plays An Inmate On CBS’ ‘2 Broke Girls’
Jean Grae appeared on an episode of CBS' 2 Broke Girls last night (Feb. 9).
The Blacksmith/Warner Bros signee guest starred on the hilarious sitcom, playing a prison inmate named Tenaya. In the “And The Crime Ring" episode, the show's two starring characters get arrested…
Jean Grae Gets Sensual In “Underneathu” Video
This is how you make a music video. Jean Grae's new self-directed clip for "underneathu," the standout song from her #5 EP, creates a fictional late-'80s public access TV show. She enlists her friends and collaborators as a band called The Everybody's Pregnant, and c…
15 Hip-Hop Songs That Name Drop Maya Angelou
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Common to Honor Dr. Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou Upset With Common’s Use of N-Word on “The Dreamer” Song
Celebrate Black History Month With These 20 Songs
One of the greatest artistic products to derive from the African American culture is its music. And of that music, no category is as distinct as hip-hop, with its ability to raise awareness by telling stories of social injustice and oppression, but also of heritage and pride...
Hip-Hop’s Most Entertaining Twitters
It seems these days that to be a rapper is to be on a Twitter. It's easy to see why. Twitter gives an artist the opportunity to promote their music, express their personality and connect with fans in ways that few media can.
Not all rapper Twitter accounts are created equal, though...
10 Great Things We Saw At The Afropunk Fest 2013
For 10 years, Afropunk has brought a mixture of punk attitude and African-American culture to Brooklyn. The 2013 edition of the festival was perhaps the most ambitious yet, expected to draw over 30,000 people to Fort Greene’s Commodore Barry Park for two days of hip-hop, hardcore pun…

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