XXL Freshman 2014: Jon Connor Pitch [VIDEO]

The selection for the XXL Freshmen 2014 is kicking into high gear, and yes, you should be as excited as we are here in the XXL office.

In preparation for this year’s class, we let some possible candidates tell us why they think they deserve to be part of XXL Freshmen 2014. Over the course of the next week, you’ll see video pitches from potential freshmen stating their cases for the cover.

Next up we’ve got Jon Connor…

Here’s the list so far:
Troy Ave
Ty Dolla $ign
Fredo Santana
August Alsina
Lil Durk
Mack Wilds
Lil Bibby

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  • G

    Last person should be Chance the rapper

  • ssutt

    Horseshoe Gang

  • simeon candyman hardy

    congrats freshman is really a rookie name you’re already a vet so kep lighting all tracks up and do what you know best. thanks for the music n motivation

    • emac

      Man yall better give that man Jon Connor some love….He is a monster on the mic!!!!

  • thekid

    philly b is the truth fuck these other bums

  • trippinmeout

    None of these clowns needs a freshman spot. You need Irv da Phenom, Chris Webby & Riff raff

    • TwoFirstNames

      Nigga said Riff Raff. Kill yourself

  • Grov Tigue

    If there’s anyone out there, especially true hiphop heads, that hasn’t experienced Flint, Michigan’s Jon Connor, please treat yourself to his vibe, drive & fire. Articulate, passionate, real & in yo’ fuckin’ face with the truth from a humbling perspective. It’s not about competition. He’ll be cool with everybody. He was just pre-destined to lead a well deserved revolution to clean up hiphop. XXL Freshman 2014… Jon Connor.

  • Bobo

    They should add King Los to this year class DMV rappers comming up

  • Tex6

    Jon connor, Isaiah Rashad, Chance The Rapper, bishop Nehru, Rittz those 5 names should be there, coulden’t care less bout the rest of the list

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    rittz, jl of b hood and irv the phenom should be on this list

  • Travis Casablanca


  • Travis Casablanca

    thats the worst list ive ever seen in my life… most the people battling for the last spot are better the entire list… like why the fu is ty dolla sign and troy ave on there, but Rashad and Chance the Rapper gotta battle to get the last spot? RESPECT LOST FOR YOUR JUDGEMENT XXL