XXL Freshman 2014: Troy Ave Pitch [VIDEO]

The selection for the XXL Freshmen 2014 is kicking into high gear, and yes, you should be as excited as we are here in the XXL office.

In preparation for this year’s class, we let some possible candidates tell us why they think they deserve to be part of XXL Freshmen 2014. Over the course of the next week, you’ll see video pitches from potential freshmen stating their cases for the cover.

Starting things off is Brooklyn native Troy Ave. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s the list so far:
Troy Ave
Ty Dolla $ign
Fredo Santana
August Alsina
Lil Durk
Mack Wilds
Lil Bibby

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  • frederigoxcz305

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  • asdasd


    • Kevin Garnett

      it says Troy Ave i think…

  • R O Y A L † Y

    I’m Voting for Chance #SAVEMONEY

  • Chiraq

    Voting for Chance for sure #SAVEMONEY

  • Lil Reese

    Fredo Santana #300

    • http://IMNOTFUFU.NET Lil Reese

      wait a second……

  • Boni

    you guys gotta check out Cassow, im telling ya this kid is crazy good!

  • andre

    kevin gates!!! gangsta gibbs

    • ImLion

      Gibbs was on it back in 2010

  • Black Park

    “HOTTEST #DMV MIXTAPE OUT NOW ON @DatPiff @nickblast FT @ROXYREYNOLDS —-> http://www.datpiff.com/NICK-BLAST-MR-301-The-Story-Of-Nick-Blast-mixtape.581641.html … …

  • Black Park

    dont sleep ..!! Nick blast will be better then kendrick lamar!!

  • Mister Blister

    Snow Tha Product should be on this list, she’s been killing it. Also her tour compadres, Rittz and Jarren. I can assume Earl Shitstain will be on this list too.

    • immablisteryourdick

      Earl isn’t eligible because he released a debut album. Nice try tho

  • nihontowizard

    ya’ll better not miss chance the rapper…

  • DRoq

    RiFF RaFF better get his recognition

  • Brando

    Hopefully King Los dont get slept on this year

  • audsims

    bodega fuckin bamz #tanboys

  • Kali

    this nigga keep contradiction himself (with tha rappin about drugz, bitchez, money), tha only song I fuck wid by this niggas is “New York City (Ft. Raekwon & N.O.R.E)” & “Red Cup”, BUT that nigga got tht song poppin my mentionin Kendrick. This nigga complaining about NY niggaz trinna sound southern BUTTT, “Nightmare on Fed Street”, “Nino Brown”, SOUND EXACTLY LIKE SOME DUMB WANNABE SOUTH SHIT. This nigga holdin strapz in all his videoz to TRY HIS BEST to look hard, and this mf is a hypocrite to tha BONE, LMFAOO.

    Fuck this nigga, bring on Chance The Rapper, A$ton Matthews, Vince Staples, shiid maybe Joey Fattz (really only for Karma, and vince’s verse on Lindo)

  • smurfboog

    Aaron Cohen next?

  • boigutta

    He is gonna make it just watch

  • Based_Knowledge

    I down vote troy av… as a new York native tray av does not have my blessing for this. I seen him live for free when I was in the audience for wildn out. … smh nobody was feelin him. The producers where asking people to like hype lol, but ya in all seriousness no he shouldn’t be on there, but hey you can’t knock him for trying.

  • Based_Knowledge

    Isaiah Rashad, ETHELWULF, Robb Bank$, and Denzel Curry got my vote.

  • Based_Knowledge

    Flatbush Zombies too


    troy ave deserves it

  • AlexBrewer

    This guy needs to chill, he’s not bad, but he’s not even close to a musical genius. Plus, most of his push is from New Yorks desperate need to feel relevant again..

  • this nigga

    this nigga so fuckin ugly and he is a dickhead at that. NOT a musical genius just a cocky coke rappin s.o.b that NY has to cling on cos they ain’t got shit else. thats New Yorks problem yall think yall are the shit and that because Nas, BIG and them came from NY that you own hip hop. YOU DON’T. Grow UP and Stay HUMBLE. insignificant fucks! The amount of people killin the game right now are everywhere BUT from New York. smdh.