XXL Freshman 2014: August Alsina Pitch [VIDEO]

The selection for the XXL Freshmen 2014 is kicking into high gear, and yes, you should be as excited as we are here in the XXL office.

In preparation for this year’s class, we let some possible candidates tell us why they think they deserve to be part of XXL Freshmen 2014. Over the course of the next week, you’ll see video pitches from potential freshmen stating their cases for the cover.

Next up we’ve got August Alsina…

Here’s the list so far:
Troy Ave
Ty Dolla $ign
Fredo Santana
August Alsina
Lil Durk
Mack Wilds
Lil Bibby

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  • Team August

    Aug deeseves it! His music is the truth!

    • August #1 Fan

      He really doess

  • Alex

    Aug started from the bottom and now he’s almost there this would be a blessing in disguise he really deserves it, he is an amazing artist and the world needs to know what a positive imoact he has on our youth. He really should get this…!! 👌👌

  • @Yesaug

    Aug really deserves this after all he’s went through in his life and to be able to to have the strength that not many have to sing about shows how blessed he is seriously! And if you ask me he’s not even a rapper yet his music speaks more truth then half the rappers I know! He honestly deserves to be on XXL Freshman because he brings something new to the game, something I’ve never witnessed for a long time ! He might not be a rapper but he is hip hop & R&B!

  • @Yesaug

    August deserves this so much! After everything he’s been through in his life at such a young age he had the strength that many don’t have to sing about it! And if you ask me, August might not be a rapper but his music is still 10x better than half of the rappers now a days! Aug brings something so different and special to the game that I haven’t seen or heard in a very long time! And sure he might not be a rapper but he’s still Hip Hop & R&B👌

  • wat

    Look at some August Alsina stan posting multiple comments. I personally think August Alsina and Ty Dolla $ign shouldn’t even be candidates. They’re singers. This is nothing against them because clearly they’re doing their thing, but the XXL Freshmen classes should remain hip hop.

    • Vanusa Neto

      I do agree with you at some point.The thing is August is kind of a wolf under a sheeps skin tho. He’s a singer,an R&B artist that’s true but the things is
      he sings about street struggle,daily hustle just to get by and survive. Isn’t that hip hop? He’s the most street conscious singer i’ve heard.If there’s somebody like him,do tell.
      Ty$ should def not be on the cover.He’s too Pop,too radio friendly.

      • wat

        No, that’s not hiphop. Subject matter doesn’t determine the genre, the music does. But again, August is doing his thing for sure. Nothing against him.

        • Vanusa Neto

          Hip Hop is all about subject matter and beat.So you are telling me if a rapper did rap on his music instead of him singing that wouldn’t be hip hop? Because it would…
          It wouldn’t b necessary to switch up or adapt anything for that matter

          • wat

            If you’re singing, it’s automatically not hip hop. It’s as simple as that, Vanusa.

  • Treasure

    August alsina desrevs this. He is a wise spoken man especially in his music I fell what he is coming from when I list to his music he music effects not only younger viewer older people to 👏👏👏👏


  • T-Realz

    He’s a singer… Says it all this is for rappers. I fuck wit his music but he ain’t a rapper. Well I guess if Iggy Azalea can be the first female he can be the first singer.

  • daniella

    August deserves this cover the most. His music is real, inspirational and relatable to so many of us that are either living a similar lifestyle or have been surrounded by it or at that point at one time in their life. Also still so humble, when a lot of artists loose that the minute they get their break into the industry.

  • Amber Love

    AUGUST ALSINA!!! May not be a rapper, but his lyrical content is more HIP HOP than most of these artists out these days!

    • lexisk

      August Alsina Is The Realest Out here. Right now niggaz so hung up on that oh I have to appear this way to people so they like me . Nooo, HE A BEAST . I hate that ! See I love what he’s doing personally because he not trying to fit in he just being August ! He deserves that ! August claimed it like he said he gon take that shit! Whether yall like it or not ! Keep putting on for the city boy! I LOVE THAT SHIT.plus the niggaz that’s running up against him ain’t touching him fuck outta here . TEAMAUG hands down !

  • tiffany

    August deserve it because he’s super talented and his music is relatable.

  • Simone

    August Alsina definitely deserves the cover, he grinds hard for his. He puts his all into his work and his story his so relatable for many people

  • imani

    vote for august alsina! the realest

  • Laesha Todd

    August Alsina deserves it!! <3 <3

  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    Becouse he has come so far and he real as it gets for August has been thru and here to tell his is story with use and he is the realist n.gga I have ever seen he speaks the truth and don’t hold anything back yes August alsina deserves to be on this freeman cover.I think he’s a great rolemodel.
    It proves that if August from the but tom and make so can anyone else

  • Stayin Solo Stone

    I would really like to see this young fresh face make it where he’s trying too go in life, everyone needs a chance, his music is what a lot of young men need too be listening too…I truly feel he’s breaking the cycle of a lot of things youngsters are dealing with on the daily. a change gone come! you have my vote…..

  • Cricket

    August all day! He is amazing, and so raw. Everybody else be on that bullshit. His struggle is real, his music comes from his heart and soul.

  • Raychael GreenEyez Johnson

    August Alsina coming all the way from Tulsa,Ok


    I agree with August all the way, he is not weird like the rest of these artist. His music is real for those who live a normal everyday life, and those who have lost someone close and dear to them…I can relate probably more then others. #AUGUSTISTHEISH! Give this man some props.

  • Craig

    Never heard of him.

  • The Truth TeLLer

    I know that most of you all in the comments are already fans of mr. alsina but besides the fact that he is a singer pitching to be on a hip-hop list, he also hasn’t made any noise since that annoying radio song he had with Trinidad james. This pitch didn’t help him out either, I could of essentially said the same thing and it would have been true. Salute to him for grinding hard and touring with 2 chainz but I don’t think he should be on the freshman cover.

  • detuana breedlove

    August alsina need to be on that freshmen cover

  • urboss7766

    So is XXL promoting R&B freshman cover this year or what. August Alsina, Mack Wilds, and Ty Dolla are singers. I think they are all talented singers but come on. I swear the best person on this list is a female. This is going to be trash.