Joey Bada$$ Responds To Kendrick Lamar With ‘Killuminati Pt. 2′


Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse has got a lot of rappers stepping their game up. After the initial responses of New York MCs coming at Lamar, it’s only right that the one called out comes forth and address his “King Of New York” claim. Joey Bada$$ drops his answer with “Killuminati Pt.2,” a track that’s lyrically amicable against Lamar’s declaration of competition. To sweeten the track a bit, Joey adds Buckshot’s lines in a recent interview about East Coast hip-hop: “I love the competition, but Kendrick Lamar go against the Beast Coast? I retired that level of it and now you have to deal with a brother like Joey, which is a .45 magnum with a knife at the tip and a shotgun at the end.”

Do you think Joey went in? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Baws

    This track is gold!

  • Psychic Devya

    Not bad

  • Spitticus

    beat is dope tho.

  • Ryan M. Nivins

    It wasn’t that good… What did he say that was really dope and would make anybody think he could hang with Kendrick? Nothing.

    • Guest

      fuck kendrick, so much hype around a verse thats nothing on whats already part of the history of hip hop … wak

  • Guest

    Fuck kendrick, i can think of hundereds of verses that shred that weak shit.. its like people dont get hip hop these days?!?!

    • NewZealandRapFan

      Yeah hundreds of verses, most of those not being from recent times though. Its like Crooked I said, the game right now is so watered down talent wise, that when someone drops a verse like Kendrick’s, it obviously gets a lot of hype, drop few names in the verse too & niggas are going crazy haha.

  • kain the icon

    if you got to drop names to get noticed, then the verse was not hot the names he dropped was. If he named a bunch of no-body,no one would have cared.

  • D

    I love this opinion that this verse is weak and pales in comparison to “Hip Hop History.” Kendrick as an artist is a product of that same history. His fundamentals are insane, and he’s managed to put his own swag on it. So he dropped names in order to bring the verse attention? That was the point, he called out mainstream hip hops biggest stars. The whole point of the verse was to bring lyricism to the mainframe scene. Addressing your fav. underground rapper does that how? Instead of bitching about how “hyped” the verse is, recognize it for what it is. A catalyst for overall better mainstream music, which in turn will help the culture as a whole. Genius.