Out of the seemingly dozens of responses from Kendrick Lamar's "King of New York" boasts on his "Control" verse one that seems to be missing is Fabolous' who promptly tweeted, "Any studios open yet?" after hearing the track. The Source recently caught up with Loso who was in attendance at the EBC x Reebok Rucker Park season finale and the Brooklyn rapper spoke on why he has yet to drop a response despite being eager at first. "When I first heard [the song] I was going to address it on the surface of what it was, somebody from out of New York claiming they the “King of New York,” said Fab. "But I took my time and I spoke with some OG’s, I researched it a little bit and got some more history behind it."

He went on to say who responded, and also who didn't contributed to his hesitance to record an answer. "Everybody jumped into it for an intention play would change the situation as well. So a lot of guys stepped in and said their peace. But you also saw a lot of guys who were mentioned on the song, or who you would expect to have responded to the song, really didn’t take that approach."

But, just because he hasn't responded yet, it doesn't mean he wont eventually add his two cents. "[I] am gonna tell you one thing that an OG told me, he said “If you do respond, make it work for you, make it come on your time, and not just like you trying to feed the Twitter fans with a freestyle.” So I got that in the back of mind, so you might hear something eventually…"