16 More Kendrick Responses From Up-And-Coming NY Rappers

There have been a lot of high-profile responses to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, so we decided to give up-and-coming NY rappers a platform to verse their opinions. After an open call and tons of entries, we narrowed them down to 16 of the better, or at least more interesting, tracks.

Young Markk – “CONTROL (Kendrick Lamar Response)”

MC Elijah Black – “How To Rob 2013″

Presice – “Ball Control (Freestyle)”

Gen. Stasia – “Birth Control”

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  • T_James420

    I don’t know if it’s just me but only 1 of the videos work for each page.

    • Tiquan Ewell

      No same here

  • Geezy

    Gotta be kidding me! yoo Google search “Donn Gee – Control”

  • Spaid

    Where the fuck is Shizzy Sixx? He had the best response! “Dear Compton from Brooklynn”

    • Erick Robin


  • Andy

    Where is Stann Smith’s response?

  • Macdre!

    do these ny rappers understand that they are making ny look worse!?

    • Greg Maxson

      How so? Respond look worse, don’t respond you’re shook?

  • Anthony DeLillo

    Alyssa Marie’s response > all these.

  • FrankW

    It’s time for me to annihilate

    And ventilate

    like I’m one of the late greats

    I’m about to eat lyricism

    Is back on the plate

    Diss and my response

    Is more potent than LLs

    on Canibus faith

    Hip hop was dead

    filled w wack mcs

    So I attended the wake

    Sometimes what ya haven’t heard

    is worth the wait

    Kendrick in the art of war

    I know this track was bait

    I aint flowing on this record

    To build a career

    But to be part of the debate

    For one the best mc of the year

    Picasso with the flow

    Pictures for your ears

    I’m head of these rap niggas

    They light years in the rear

    Im wordplay genius

    Built on no roids nor biogenesis

    Forget a Jay Electronica feature

    I rather be the godfather

    to his illuminati fetus