Oxygen's new upcoming reality show, Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop, follows five female MCs as they attempt to navigate the highs and lows of the music industry with the ultimate goal of finding success in the generally male-dominated realm of hip-hop. Produced by T.I., the show features the talents and lives of Bia, Brianna Perry, Diamond, Nyemiah Supreme and Siya as they try to follow in the footsteps of the greats that have come before them. Earlier today, we introduced you to the whole cast; but as this is a show all about the ladies and their specific battles within hip-hop, we also asked all five MCs to list their five favorite female rappers of all time. From Missy to Kim, Lauryn to the Queen, click through each gallery to find out who tops the cast's list. Hint: there's only one woman to make every top five. —XXL Staff