The ‘Sisterhood Of Hip-Hop’ Cast Names Their 5 Favorite Female Rappers

Bia’s Five Favorite Female Rappers

sisterhood of hip-hop top female rappers foxy brown

Foxy Brown

I know this sounds kind of wrong, but most of my favorite MCs are male. But I don’t want to put a bunch of males in a category of females. I loved Foxy Brown growing up.

sisterhood of hip-hop top female rappers lauryn hill

Lauryn Hill

I loved Lauryn Hill growing up because I like to sing, too. I look at her as an inspiration because to be able to do both is kind of not so easy. Definit

sisterhood of hip-hop top female rappers nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj

I love Nicki. I liked Nicki since her freestyles. I fell in love with the Nicki that was rapping over industry beats like “Warning.” That’s the Nicki that I always [loved]. The Come Up DVDs. I was just like, “Oh my God. I love her. I want to be like this.”

sisterhood of hip-hop top female rappers eve


I love her, too. She’s cool. I love her because of course growing up she was, like, so street. People assume that being from Boston there’s no street in Boston. There’s a hood everywhere. As soon I saw Eve, I was like, “Oh my God.” She was just the shit. But then when I met her—this is why I really liked her—’cause when I met her, her in person was just as awesome as [she was as] a rapper. She was so humble and so sweet. Look, she’s just kickin’ light and she’s just a great person. Giving advice. Yeah, I really like her. She was just great. I wish everybody that you meet in the industry can be like that.

sisterhood of hip-hop top female rappers lil kim

Lil Kim

She was the one back then. If anyone says they didn’t obsess over Lil Kim at one point in their life, they are lying. Guys and girls. Males to females, we all loved her. Everything from hearing her lyrics down to her style back then. Just who she was running with. Junior M.A.F.I.A., the whole squad. It was so ill. I love old hip-hop more than the new hip-hop, like everyone. I’m stuck in the ’90s.

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