First Chuck D vented about  Summer Jam. Now, another veteran is taking stabs at the New York radio station Hot 97. He held nothing back, targeting FunkMaster Flex and Angie Martinez during his onslaught towards the station in a video posted by IndieHipHop.Net

“When Funkmaster Flex stopped playing my music for no reason,” KRS-One said. “And when Angie Martinez forgot her roots. And I don’t know if y’all know this woman, but her name is Tracy Cloherty. Well, she banned me from the station. And Lisa Evers, Street Soldiers, hung up on me live on air. Because I said they said—This is when Foxy Brown and Lil Kim had their little shootout in front of Hot 97 and they had us on the air. And I said ‘Y’all the ones that promoted that shit.’ All day long ‘Gun, gun, gun.’ All day long ‘Murder, murder, murder’…There’s something called a balance. In the morning when our kids are going to school that’s not the time to play ‘killing, shooting, nigga, bitch, and fuck.’”

He continued by trying to educate aspiring rappers on what today's rap game is about.

“When you know your self-worth,” he said. “And you read and you ask questions and you study and you travel. You become free. But the cost of freedom is that you’re not gonna be in the mainstream. You’re not gonna be on the cover of every magazine…Years ago they told us ‘Make sure you get a college degree in case your rap career don’t work out. You got something to fall back on.’ Today, ‘Make sure you can rap in case your degree don’t [work out]’…It’s been 25, 30 years. Rap is no longer a pastime, this is a worldwide profession.”

If you recall, KRS-One said last year that would he would sue any radio station that decided to play his records.