In a recent interview with, KRS-One explained why his music is never played on mainstream radio stations. Apparently, KRS-One will sue radio stations if they play his music.

"If the radio ever played my music, I would sue them," KRS-One told "And they know it, which is why they don’t play my music. If you play KRS, I’ll sue you. Straight up. I don’t even want my music on mainstream radio. They don’t deserve it. They destroy careers."

Elaborating further, KRS-One explained why he never felt the need to crossover with mainstream audiences.

"Here’s a secret," KRS explained. "I’m going to drop a jewel on you right now. Less is more. Small is big. Marketing and promotion is shit. Physics, mathematics, and cosmology. Why do we breathe? What is oxygen? This is the truth. I only want the truth. I existed before the mainstream. Why would I join them? I watched the mainstream come up and now I’m watching it collapse. I don’t want to be a part of that. I was born in Hip Hop. That’s all I ever needed. That’s it."

You can see the full interview above.

[Via HipHopDX]